How to Contact SHEIN Customer Service

SHEIN is a Chinese fashion eCommerce company, known more for its app version. It mainly offers women’s fashion but also sells men’s clothing, accessories, homeware, and even gift items.

SHEIN is also known for its affordable prices and faster shipping process compared to most of its competitors that are also based in China.

History of SHEIN

SHEIN is a Chinese fashion company that is founded in Nanjing, China in 2008 by Chris Xu. The original website used to be, but shortened to Five years after its launch, it has more than 100 employees and its headquarters have moved to Guangzhou, China. The company is proud to operate having a ‘real-time retail’ by using its efficient supply chain system.

One of the controversies it faced was in 2018 when the company was sued by Levi Strauss & Co. (manufacturer of Levi’s Jeans) over its act of copying a trademarked jean stitching. It was later on settled in court.

Despite some reviews stating the quality of the products, it became one of the most downloaded shopping apps in the US in 2021. As per the company’s press release, SHEIN is currently serving more than 220 countries while keeping its manufacturing in China. It is considered by many business experts to be ‘China’s First Global Fashion Giant.’

How to Contact SHEIN Customer Service through Phone

As of writing, the company does not have a phone number to reach their customer service department. The other communication channels to reach a support agent are shown below.

How to Contact SHEIN Customer Service through Online Messaging

Customers who would like to use Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messaging function can visit the link below and click on the dedicated button for the mentioned online messaging platforms.

How to Contact SHEIN Customer Service through Live Chat (and submitting a ticket)

Those who would like to contact the customer service through live chat can use the same link above and click on the ‘Customer Service’ button. It will be directed to a page where users will be required to log in or create an account.

After logging in, users will be greeted by a chatbot. In case the issue will need to create a ticket, a button will appear on the screen and will be required to fill up a form. The company states that its customer service team will respond to tickets within 48 hours. Live chat timings are from 6 am to 9 pm PST every day.

How to Contact SHEIN Customer Service through Social Media

The fashion company also has their official social media accounts, that are all verified with a blue checkmark to avoid being confused with the bogus accounts online.