How to Contact ASOS Customer Service

ASOS is a British company the offers fashion clothing, beauty items, accessories, and even gift items that focus on young adults. It ships in over 190 countries and carries more than 800 brands on its website.

The company successfully acquired Arcadia Group in February 2021, the company that carries fashion brands like Topshop, Top Man, and Miss Selfridge. Their headquarters is based in London but the customer care department is based in Leavesden, also in the United Kingdom.

History of ASOS

The company was established on June 3, 2000, by Nick Robertson, Quentin Griffiths, Deborah Thorpe, and Andrew Regan in the United Kingdom. ASOS actually an abbreviation that stands for ‘AsSeenOnScreen’, despite being marketed in all lowercase letters ‘asos’.

The brand began by selling replica fashion goods that could be seen on film and television, with the tagline “Buy what you see on film and television.” After four years of being in the business, the company has decided to create its own label for women’s clothing. The kidswear followed in 2008 but resulted in low sales.

The company decided in 2010 to focus on their target market where they are doing well, which is in the young adult market. In the same year, the company opened an international online shop in the US along with Germany and France together with the introduction of ASOS marketplace, an alternative eCommerce platform for vintage items and independent brands.

ASOS has two websites on – the original ASOS site and the ASOS Marketplace (switch to this website by clicking on the link located in the upper right corner of the page or enter on the internet browser). Both of their contact details are shown below.

Contacting ASOS Customer Service through Phone

Unfortunately, both ASOS and ASOS Marketplace customers will not be able to connect with the company’s customer care agents through the phone. They do not have a dedicated number to dial for the customer service department, but other communication channels are available below.

Contacting ASOS Customer Service through Live Chat Support

The link below will take you to ASOS’s live chat assistance in the United States. Before proceeding, the user will be prompted to select a category and may be required to log in first. In some situations, manually filling out the input form is allowed. Below the mentioned button, the expected wait time is also displayed.

Contacting ASOS Customer Service through Social Media

ASOS’s Facebook account is location-based, where the website on the dedicated country will only be opened when the IP address or the internet’s location of where the visitor is in. Accounts below are verified with a blue checkmark.




Contacting ASOS Marketplace Customer Service through Email

For inquiries through email about ASOS Marketplace, send an email on the address [email protected]. Alternatively, customers may submit a message by selecting the ‘Action’ button on the orders page.

Then, to contact the boutique directly, click the ‘Send Message’ button. Since the company has a zero-tolerance policy on counterfeit goods, customers can send an email to [email protected] if they suspect a boutique is selling fake products or if they have received one.

Customers can write [email protected] using the purchase confirmation they got from the site if an item has not yet arrived after raising a problem with the vendor.

Contacting ASOS Marketplace Customer Service through Social Media